If only words could describe..

the majestic, humble, happiness..

and peace within my being.

the light steaming through my flesh..

the balance of my universe and physical world..

my love, that I am.

"always be willing to challenge preconceived notions.."

I love waking up to a thunderstorm ^.~*

Just breathe, let your troubles lay, this is only temporary stay..

The sound coming from a cracked window, of rain hitting his sun-rooms roof.. it is one of the most soothing noises I have come to experience..

Septembers rocks rumbled beneath its core.. groundings uprooted as life and death embraced. October was wandering, sonder following. Still stuck in the mist of Novembers breath, shook beneath whats left.. & here begins Decembers thin air.. the memorial of a winter with love in the air..



Such as the sleeping breath from a lovers tomb, Its the ignition of my senses that unveil such a delicate essence..

sensational seducing amor in awh at the roots up-brought from the earth. The last grasp of the petal to wonder off, disintegrate & allow for rebirth.

theoretical disposition , incisions into mere desperation of gullible infatuation.. Translucent waves of slumber tainted by the thunder of wonders , a sixth sense in the graves of ridiculed others. Drone trunks of birch wood set fire from such crimson charismatic unwilling desires; pitfall in cynical squares, driven by their own insanity. Leaping into putrid rye, the destine lies of human criticize, hypocritical literal .. nothing meaningful. A hiss is the switch of a sweet tormented a-bliss kissing the organs of corpse lips.. Blood fairies searching for, lustful passions, immodest distractions causing immediate reactions.. A notch wound too tight , smoke hint , flame a bare , a majestic hell with seductive flowers ridden in hollow hair.. The pale moonlight.. the crickets in vibrations are, all is aware tonight of a forbidden forgotten despair..

Stimulate my senses, ravish my being

Choke me to dreams of nightmares and all inbetween

Slice out my heart, eat its living beat

Bathe in my blood, kiss my last pulsing breath

My soul seeps out in the air of dancing amour

Tangle my veins, bones to dust

Ashes to my sweet lullaby..

What a beautiful immortal goodbye 

"One day is too many, One more is never enough.."

solemn waves induce paralyzed skies,
the breath of fall slowly decaying lives.
Shriveling limbs show within,
the beauty as clear as the crystals fall begin.
all to quick the elements melt away,
only to return the next aroma windy day.
Thee looks with heaven disguised,
a beautiful warmth shivered denied.
Just kiss me with your eyes,
eternal love beaming the moonrise.

silhouettes breath

the crisp air of
winters sleepwalking arrival,
she was,
in time..
The congenial spirits slipped,
gracefully, unwillingly,
through her pores.
waves of pixies dust,
blood began to dance
forever more..
daunting fatigue,
their mystic air,
hearing the deaf pulse..
celestial sphere captured,
a magical wonder unimagined,
tales only a creature could fathom..
He put her to sleep,
Saved her dreams from evil defeat..
But the cold air,
impaling their souls,
entwining astrologic means.
The visual world was blank,
illusions of deaths own game..

Her dreams, limboed while awake

I pounce you cling - Tortured dimensions crystalline aforementioned.. Vapid vows of droned cows, herding the sheep to unprogressive keep. She tangled her dolls with menaced desires, hung them inside her distressed walls lit with fires; A mistress in your nightmares, sophisticated illness her untamable game.. She jumps, you fly, only to die in what lies her boobie-trapped thighs.. entwined demise your blood lies a humanized criticize..

(Source: intoxiquer)

sky binding shattering walls
screeching cries impale gauged eyeballs
palter wander sleeping on the alter
moribund lovers drowning in the waters
wistful willow winds woe louder
consequent desires crystals dust powder
mollify demands of neglected hands
burning flesh of mothers twisted ends
rotting beneath a silent scream
twitching dances under the moonbeam
enriched lost daydream of crucified bloodstreams
buried beneath a long lost scheme

(Source: intoxiquer)